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General Tips That Apply To All Sheds

  • Oil door hinges once per year, using a silicon lubricating spray or greaseódo not use penetrating oil, such as WD-40, as this is not a lubricant.

  • If you have wood siding, evaluate your siding every few months for indications of insect attack or water damage.  It should be closely evaluated where the wood is in close or direct contact with the soil. Areas where vegetation overgrowth has occurred are especially susceptible to deterioration and mildew/molds.

  • Ensure your shed's vents are free at all times for proper ventilation.

  • If your shed has windows installed, evaluate the caulk seals every year for deterioration, and re-apply if necessary.

  • When using any sealant, primer, paint, or stain, follow the manufacturer's recommendations for use and application.

  • Install eyehooks on doors to stabilize doors when open.  This prevents the doors from banging against the shed on windy days.


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