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Painted Sheds with T1-11 Plywood Siding

  • Initial priming
    Apply an initial coat of primer, either oil- or latex-based. Latex-based primers tend to deal well with any moisture present, although oil-based primers saturate and seal the wood better.  Oil-based primers also tend to seal metal components better, such as nails, thus reducing rust run-off.  If you choose a latex-based primer, it is not recommended to use an oil-based paint.

  • Initial painting
    After initial priming, apply an initial coat of exterior paint, either oil- or latex-based (determined partly by the type of primer used).  Latex-based paints are most popular, as oil-based paints tend to cause chalking over time.  Typically, one initial coat of paint after shed construction is sufficient.

  • Ongoing painting
    You might need to paint your shed every two years, depending on type quality of paint used.  Subsequent priming, other than the initial priming when your shed was constructed, should not be necessary.  You may choose to spot-prime areas around nails, however, to prevent rust run-off.  If you choose to apply latex paint over a previous oil-based-paint surface, be sure to wash the surface carefully to remove any chalking caused by the oil-based paint (failure to do this may prevent the latex paint from adhering).

Stained Sheds with T1-11 Plywood Siding
(i.e., staining wood to show its natural color)

  • Initial staining
    Select a stain that is either solid color (i.e., no wood grain is shown) or semi-transparent (shows some or all wood grain).  Many stains are available as stain-and-sealant in one, which is preferable.  If your stain does not act as a sealant, be sure to apply a sealant before staining.

  • Ongoing staining
    Many stains are different, providing protection for one year, or multiple years.  Consult your manufacturer's recommendations for re-staining.


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