Sheds can be constructed from a variety of materials—metal, plastic, or even OSB (wafer board).  So why do we only use wood?  Durability.  Strength.  Longevity.

All buildings are built with construction-grade lumber, 5/8" CDX plywood flooring, 1/2" CDX plywood roof decks, and 5/8" T-1-11 siding, vinyl siding, or cedar siding.  Vents are available on all sheds at no charge.


Why is siding important?  It protects your shed from the weather, impact damage, and moisture, while providing an attractive finish.  View your options below:

T1-11 Plywood Siding—Economical

  • T1-11 is composed of layers of wood, plied together with high-strength epoxy.  The result is a wood product that is far stronger than an equivalent-thickness piece of wood.

  • T1-11 is a highly sturdy panel.  It's highly resistant to moisture and high humidity, and is up to seven times more resistant to thickness swell than substitute wood-based panels.

  • T1-11 is highly impact-resistant, even when wet.

  • T1-11 is designed with vertical grooves, which provide an attractive appearance resembling lumber.

Vinyl Siding—Economical and easy to maintain

  • Vinyl siding is a widely-used material used in construction.

  • Vinyl siding is available in a wide array of pre-manufactured colors and can be virtually maintenance-free.

  • Scratches are not easily noticed, as the color of the vinyl siding permeates the whole panel.

  • Vinyl siding is versatile through a wide outdoor temperature range, without warping, bending, or other problems.

  • In case of fire, vinyl is more fire resistant than most woods, providing more time to fight the fire.

Cedar Siding—Premium

  • Cedar siding offers an intricate, durable grain. Cedar produces a natural tannin that is thought to be a natural insect repellent.

  • Cedar siding, properly maintained, is highly resistant to decay. 

  • Cedar siding provides great strength and impact resistance.

  • Cedar siding provides warmth and aesthetic appeal.

Fiber Cement Siding—Premium

  • Captures the look and feel of wood in a natural but more durable material.

  • Offers a number of profiles and textures to choose from

  • Provides a less porous surface that holds paint well.


Our sheds are designed to sit on any level surface.   Most sheds are set on 4x4 wooden skids.  The skids run the long dimension of the shed.  We then nail 2x4 floor joists every 12" on-center (o.c.).  Finally, we attach 5/8" plywood for the floor surface.  For additional fees, we offer concrete foundations, insuring long life.  You may also select pressure-treated wood floors, for additional fees, which offers resistance to decay and insect damage (chemical preservatives are forced under pressure into the wood cells, enabling treated lumber to last many years longer than untreated wood).

All roofs come with heavy-duty construction.  We apply 2x4 rafters, placed every 24" on-center (o.c.).  Next, we apply 1/2" CDX plywood (felt paper is an available option for sheds requiring heating or cooling).  Finally, we apply 25-year asphalt shingles in a color style that you select.  For a slight additional fee, we also offer 30- or 40-year dimensional shingles to match your existing house.



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