If you live in the Southeast Wisconsin area and are running out of room in your garage or need more space, you probably need a shed.

But why choose Allwood Sheds?  Allwood Sheds are custom-crafted storage sheds, built by professionals with quality in mind.   We'll build on your site, and we are also the oldest, most respected local firm offering quality materials and customer satisfaction.  Plus, we don't hire temporary builders—your shed will be built by the business owners themselves!

Our sheds are built to last.  When you hire Allwood Sheds, you not only get great prices, you get a quality structure that will provide years of thorough use.  We only use materials that will withstand weather and frequent use.

We don't provide cheap sheds made of inferior materials—and we don't assemble them with poor methods.  An Allwood Sheds structure is truly a long-lasting, valuable structure.  But, we also offer exceptional value.  Our level of quality far exceeds the price of your shed.  Whether your budget requires economical pricing or allows for premium materials, we can find a shed that works for you.

  • Our sheds are properly framed using quality 2x4s.  Anything less could cause sagging and bowing of the structure.

  • Our floors and foundations are sturdy enough to hold your heavy lawn equipment.

  • Our siding is durable and strong—you won't find cheap substitutes that delaminate in moisture and humidity.

  • Our roofs are built using CDX plywood, and finished with 25-year shingles—we don't use light-weight shingles that fly off in heavy winds.

  • Our floor system is treated to resist rot and insect attack.

Your shed comes with a standard 2-year limited warranty on workmanship and materials.  Please see our section on maintenance for information that can affect your warranty.



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